Hokkaido university brings out our best!

歯学院4年 基盤系口腔医学コース 歯科保存学教室 Liu Yunqing(Harbin, China)

Can you introduce yourself briefly?

I am now a 4th-grade Ph.D student in the department of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine, in Hokkaido University. My name is Liu Yunqing. I came from China. Now, I am engaged in the research on the bonding of dental material. Japanese dental material research is very advanced in the world, and I am proud to own this opportunity for studying in preeminent research environment. I’ve had a great four years here, and I really enjoy studying and living here.

What is the reason for coming to Hokkaido University Faculty of Density?

I had the research experience before coming to Japan. I’ve been studying in oral surgery with master degree for 3 years in China. I wanted to make some achievement in this dental field and I thought it would be great if I can continue my interest in that. I like to learn some different culture and meet a lot people from all around the world. Hokkaido University is one of the best universities in Japan and there are many excellent professors in our Faculty of Dental Medicine. So that was why I choose to further my study with doctoral course here.

Can you give message for future foreign students?

There are many international students from various countries here. Communication in English is also available, so don’t worry about not being able to speak Japanese fluently. This is definitely a recommended choice for those who want to learn both Japanese and advanced dental research. Don’t hesitate anymore! Believe that the harvest will exceed your expectations!