Vascular Biology and Molecular Pathology

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  • Pathology
  • Blood vessel
  • Cancer
  • COVID-19

Pathology is the science of the cause and effect of diseases. It belongs to primary medicine, but it also plays a role as a bridge with clinics.

In addition to daily pathological diagnosis in our laboratory, we mainly work on research in cancer and infectious disease. Currently, cancer is the leading cause of death among people, and it is crucial to utilize specialized and interdisciplinary research. We aim to elucidate the cancer biology from the viewpoint of crosstalk between cancer cells and their microenvironment, such as tumor blood vessels or immune cells. We are also studying the vascular pathology of COVID-19. Since the biology of cancer, inflammation, and infectious disease has many common points with other diseases, cancer research leads to the study of inflammation, chronic diseases, metabolic diseases, and tissue regeneration in bones and oral tissues. In addition, we aim to apply the results of basic research to new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, and we also conduct translational research using clinical specimens.

The outline of research currently being conducted in our lab is as follows:

  1. Abnormalities of tumor vascular endothelial cells and development of novel therapy
  2. Blood vessels and inflammation
  3. Endotheliopathy in COVID-19
  4. Blood vessel regeneration

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Graduate students in the dental department, graduate students in other departments such as medical one, international students, and undergraduate students are actively doing research in our lab. We welcome everyone’s visit, so please drop in our lab anytime.