Research Subjects

Oral Functional Science


Department Research Subjects
Oral Functional Anatomy

○Lamellar structure of bone and cellular cementum

○Origin of cementoblasts

○Atrophy and regeneration of salivary glands

○Effects of liquid diet on salivary glands

Oral Physiology

○Neurophysiological study for the control mechanism of feeding behavior

○Study for the central mechanism of nausea and vomiting

○Electrophysiological study for the brain functions

○Brain mechanisms of taste sensation

○Study for taste palatability and aversion

○Central nervous system of anorexia nervosa

Oral Functional Prosthodontics

○Mechanical analysis on removable dentures and dental implants

○Examination of the relationship between occlusion and the gene ral health

of the body

○Development of biomaterials (including dental implant) and investigation

of tissue reaction

○Application of carbon nanomaterials for biomaterials

○Clinical study on the prognosis and effects of prosthodontic treatment

Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics

○Research on genesis of bruxism and development of effective treatment methods

○Clinical research on sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome

○Research on genesis of persistent uncomfortable occlusion by using brain function analysis

○3D Printing Technology Applying for Medicine

○Development of Dental CAD/CAM System

○Clinical Researches in Maxillofacial Prosthetics

○Researches on Dental Materials


○Research for matrix turnover mechanisms after mechanical stress

○Research for mastication and articulation in relation to malocclusions

○Research for genetic cause of malocclusions

○Study on orthodontic materials and engineering

○Craniofacial growth and developmental study

○Diagnosis and treatment plan for patients with craniofacial deformity

○Diagnosis and treatment plan for cleft lip and palate patients

○Diagnosis and treatment plan for the patients with congenital anomaly.

○Study on measurement of cranio-maxillo-facial morphology by 3D CG model

○Clinical study on central regulatory mechanism of feeding behavior

Dentistry for Children and Disabled Person

○Basic and clinical research on physiological and abnormal root resorption of deciduous tooth

○Analysis of adhesive structure of adhesive materials to tooth

○Analysis of effects to central nervous system by change of occlu sion or stress

○Cardiovascular and neuroendocrine responses of pediatric patients during stress induced by dental treatment

○Morphological and functional study of malocculusion in primary dentition

○Clinical study of heart rate variability for disabled patients under dental treatments

Oral Health Science

Department Research Subjects
Developmental Biology of Hard Tissue

○Cell biology on the regulatory function of osteotropic factors

○Cell biological and genetic assessment for bone development and regeneration

○Morphological and molecular study on the cell structure and function of bone cells

Oral Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

○Molecular mechanisms of bone formation and resorption

○Biochemistry and molecular biology of oral tissue

○Regulation of gene expression

Biomaterials and Bioengineering

○Development of novel biomaterials

○Nano-interfacial control for functional reconstruction of biological hard tissues

○Translational research on dental materials and devices

○Application of nano-technology in the dental fields

○Establishment of material evaluation system using in vitro osseointegration model

○Basic research for the construction of in vitro oral tissues model

Preventive Dentistry

○Examination of the factors affecting functional recovery and prognosis in the patients with partial edentulism

○Oral care for perioperative patient

○Molecular biology in oral microorganisms

○Epidemiological Study for dental caries, periodontal disease and dry mouth

Restorative Dentistry

○Operative Dentistry



○Nanotechnology for dentistry

Periodontology and Endodontology

○Etiology and development of periodontal disease

○New techniques of periodontal examination, diagnosis, prevention and treatment

○Development of periodontal regenerative therapy

○Improvement of endodontic therapy

○Periodontal destruction in endodontic, peridontic, and traumatic lesions

○Development of treatment of vertical root fracture


○Impact of oral health care on autonomy in older adults

○Influence of oral health status on quality of life in older adults

○Relationship between nutrition and oral health in older adults

○Age-associated changes in masticatory system

○Prevention and treatment of oral disease in older adults

○Treatment and pathophysiology of oral psychosomatic disorders

Oral Pathobiological Science

Department Research Subjects
Vascular Biology and Molecular Pathology

1) Abnormalities of tumor vascular endothelial cells and development of novel therapy

2) Blood vessels and inflammation

3) Endotheliopathy in COVID-19

4) Blood vessel regeneration

5) Association between RNA and cell oncogenesis

6) Development and application of oncolytic virus

Oral Molecular Microbiology

○Utilization of microbial sequences for novel gene-tuning system

○Development and application of HPV detection systems

○Recognition and removal of oral microbes by innate immunity

○Structures and biological activities of oral microbial molecular patterns

○Oral tolerance against oral bacteria


○Nobel pharmacological effects of anti-osteoporotic drugs

○Nobel pharmacological effects of anti-virus drugs

○Investigation of biological markers for skeletal diseases

○Development of quantitative imaging system for pharmacology

○Interaction between osteoblast and osteoclast

○Effect of mechanical stress on bone-cells and periodontal cells

Oral Diagnosis and Medicine

○Molecular imaging of oral diseases

○Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for evaluation of chemoradiotherapy in oral cancer

○Hypoxia imaging, FMISO-PET to evaluate oral cancer

○PET for evaluation of osteomyelitis of the jaw

○Inflammatory cytokines in saliva and oral medicine diseases

○Pathogenic role of autoantibodies of mucous membrane pemphigoid

○Clinical study of Oral Candidiasis and innate immunity

○Angiogenesis from periodontal ligament fibroblasts

○Muscle pathology on masticatory muscles

○Prevention of MRONJ using platelet rich fibrin

〇Molecular biologic research in various diseases in oral medicine.

〇Molecular biology on effects of Japanese traditional medicine (Kanpo)

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

○Basic and clinical studies of oral cancer

○Study on comprehensive treatment of cleft lip and palate preventing maxillary growth impediment

○Study on dredging method as a conservative treatment for ameloblastoma

○Study on functional and morphological improvement of skeletal malocclusion

○Study on eating and swallowing function in the elderly and postoperative

patients with oral cancer

○Study on alveolar augmentation for tooth transplantation and dental implant

Oral Radiology

○Study for radiological imaging diagnosis on oral and maxillofacial lesions

○Clinical study of radiotherapy for oral cancers

○Molecular biology of oral cancers

○Study for radiation protection

Dental Anesthesiology

○Experimental and clinical studies on stress reactions

○Studies on mechanism of pharmacological actions of anesthetics

○Studies on monitors used in general management during dental treatment

○Study on carediovascular and endocrine changes in dental surgery

○Study on effects of tringeminal stimulation on autonomic function

○Study on anesthetic management of dental treatment in persons with disabilities

Section for Clinical Education

Research Subjects

○Physico-chemical and ultra-morphological study on adhesion between tooth substrates and dental restorative materials

○Research on General Dentistry

○Studies on under-graduate and post-graduate clinical training

Section for International Affairs

Research Subjects

○Globalization in dentistry

○Clinical oral physiology

○Temporomandibular disorders

○Sensory-motor interaction in orofacial region

Stomatognathics (Cooperation Chair)

Department Research Subjects
Gnatho-occlusal Function

○Clinical research on etiology, diagnosis and management of temporomandibular disorders

○Research on mascular activity and blood flow state of masticatory muscles

○Clinical research on Orofacial Pain

Improvement of Gnatho-oral Function

○Dental implants for dento-maxillary defect

○Bone augmentation for dental implants

○Selection and installation condition of implant bodies

Gnathoformative Medicine

○Study on comprehensive treatment of cleft lip and palate against maxillary growth impediment

○Molecular genetic study on cleft lip and palate

○Study on velopharyngeal function

〇Study on application to the palatal plate of the adhesive gels

〇Study on mouth guards

Geriatric Oral Science(Collaborative Chair)

Research Subjects

○The role and application of nitric monoxide to periodontal tissues

○Pathological analysis and control of periodontal disease as a vascular disease