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  • Elderly patients
  • oral diseases
  • oral functions
  • oral care
  • and dysphagia

In our department, we focus on research as the practical science that can respond dental needs in the super-aged society. We are mainly conducting clinical research in humans, but in order to complement them, basic research on molecular biology, pharmacology and bacteriology is also being conducted concurrently. In view of the 2025 and 2040 problems, we are building evidences to contribute to extending the healthy lifespan by maintaining and promoting oral health. We are conducting multi-institutional joint research on the best way of oral health management by multi-sector collaboration in order to continue living that older people wants even if medical treatment or need-to-care status is reached due to cancer or dementia etc.

  • Examination of the effect of oral fraility and oral hypofunction on the general health. Development and verification of preventive improvement program for oral fraility and oral hypofunction, judgment criterias and training devices.
  • Multifaceted effect verification of bacteria, cells, psychology, nutrition, etc. of perioperative oral health management by multidisciplinary approach.
  • Research on perioperative oral health management for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
  • Verification of the effects of comprehensive approaches such as environmental adjustment, physical therapy, dental treatment including Jaw prosthesis, oral health management, nutrition support, etc. for dysphagia.
  • Research on Oral Health Management of Older people with Dementia and/or Psychiatric problem.
  • Research on Actual situation of Candida Stomatitis and Dry mouth, Examination of the relationship between oral and general condition
  • Establishment of diagnostic treatment guidelines and development of rapid diagnostic tools by the state of oral candida and dry mouth.
  • Examination of the clinical and pharmacological effectiveness of drug treatment for dental psychosomatic disorder and taste disorder, development of diagnostic treatment support tool using psychological test.
  • Clinical and basic medical research on the effects of age-related changes in bone metabolism such as osteoporosis on the oral and these prevention.