Establishment of Department

Basic Dental Science Clinical Dental Science
1967 Operative Dentistry
Removable Prosthetic Dentistry
Oral Surgery
1968 Oral Anatomy
Oral Physiology
Oral Biochemistry
Oral Pathology
1969 Oral Histology and Embryology
Oral Microbiology
Dental Materials and Engineering
1970 Dental Pharmacology Preventive Dentistry
1971 Periodontology and Endodontology
Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics
1974 Oral Surgery II
(renameOral SurgeryintoOral Surgery I)
1977 Dental Radiology
1978 Pediatric Dentistry
2000 re-organized into 3 department
(Oral Functional Science, Oral Health Science,Oral Pathobiological Science )
2010 Collaborative Chair of Geriatric Oral Science
2017 reorganized into 4 departments
(Oral Functional Science, Oral Health Science, Oral Pathobiological Science and Stomatognathics)