Oral Functional Prosthodontics

  • Related Key Words:
  • removable dentures
  • dental Implant
  • carbon nanomaterials
  • stress analyses
  • occlusion and posture
  • prognosis and effectiveness of prosthodontic treatment

We are conducting investigations in the following research areas for the recovery and reconstruction of oral morphology and function that have been impaired or lost.

1) Mechanical analysis on removable dentures and dental implants : Stress analyses of prostheses and oral tissues by finite element method and analyses using simulation models with various sensors and/or 3-D measurement tools.

2) Application of carbon nanomaterials for biomaterials: Investigation for biological reaction on carbon nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and application of carbon nanomaterials for dental implant and bone tissue engineering.

3) Relationship between occlusion and posture: Investigation of the interaction between occlusion and posture using dynamic analysis of occlusal contacts and posturography.

4) Biological reaction for dental implant materials: Investigation for surface treatment for titanium from the aspects of material engineering and histology and effects of occlusal load on bone formation around dental implants.

5) Clinical research on prosthodontic treatment: Prognosis and effectiveness of prosthodontic treatment by removable dentures and dental implants. Analyses on prognosis of prostheses and residual tissues and on effects of prosthodontic treatment on masticatory performance, occlusal force, and patients’ satisfaction.