Department of Restorative Dentistry

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  • Cariology
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry
  • Adhesive dentistry
  • Restorative materials
  • TEM
  • SEM
  • Pulp Biology
  • Nanotechnology

The Department of Restorative Dentistry conducts basic and clinical research on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental caries, and on diagnosis of pulp injuries and endodontic treatment planning. Esthetic and cosmetic Dentistry is also a strong research field, as the demand for esthetic treatment has increased during the past years.
Daily the staff members from our department are involved in patients’ treatment at the hospital, in teaching activities and in research. Research is an important activity and the research themes are very wide, embracing almost every topic in Dentistry.
It relevant to mention the significance of the research projects to the society. The results from our research can generate new possibilities in the business of dental materials and devices. In fact, in the past, some graduate students could establish their own startups.
Recent research has received remarkable evaluation worldwide, and international student and professor exchange at the has been thriving.
We continuously seek and appreciate young people’s motivation, proactivity and hard work to improve the performance of the Department of Restorative Dentistry, Hokkaido University.