Department of Pharmacology

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  • pharmacological action
  • metabolic bone diseases
  • skeletal pain
  • development and senescence

Bone histomorphometry for tissue / organ level analyses (Osteoclasts are stained in Red.)

Super-resolution microscopic analyses for ceullar and subcelular analyses (Cultured osteoclasts are shown.)

Biochemical and molecular biological analyses for signaling and molecular target (Cell signaling regulating osteoclast function)

Pharmacology is the study, where a drug exerts a biological effect on a living organism. This is also the science to establish fundamental knowledge of pharmaceuticals applied in clinical medicine. Pharmacological study encompasses the biological hierarchy of organism, organ, tissue, cell and molecule levels. Therefore, we integratively apply the knowledge and findings from the basic medical science such as anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, genetics, pathophysiology, microbiology and the clinical medicine.

In our laboratory, we are conducting researches of drug development and discovery on skeletal system such as bone, cartilage, joints and their associated tissue and the neuronal and circulating systems. Comparative study between the oral and maxillofacial tissue and the other tissue and organs will discover the bio-interaction between these tissue and organs, and the specificity and characteristics of oral and maxillofacial systems, which, we believe, will contribute to oral medicine. We also emphasis of scientific view points from evolutional medicine and ontology from development to senescence. Followings are selected subjects of our research.

(1) Nobel pharmacological effects of anti-osteoporotic drugs
(2) Nobel pharmacological effects of anti-virus drugs
(3) Investigation of biological markers for skeletal diseases
(4) Development of quantitative imaging system for pharmacology
(5) Interaction between osteoblast and osteoclast
(6) Effect of mechanical stress on bone-cells and periodontal cells

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