Dentistry for Children and Disabled Persons

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  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Dentistry for disabled persons
  • Growth and development
  • Disabled persons
  • Children with disease

 We specialize dentistry for children and disabled persons. We prevent an oral cavity function disorder by various kinds of diseases and abnormality of children. We aim in particular for promoting the improvement of the chewing function and psychological growth through pediatric dentistry medical care. In addition, we give appropriate, comprehensive dentistry to patients lacking the communication or having difficulty for dentistry. We show below our studies.
1) Analysis of root resorption and the hard tissue restoration mechanism of deciduous tooth and the permanent tooth:we aim at the establishment of the cure for root resorption caused by various lesions.
2) The development of new caries prophylaxis, caries cure using the dental materials: we establish the most suitable clinical application method of the dental materials which had safety and tooth substance reinforcement action of the dental materials.
3) Analysis of factors affecting growth and development: we clarify it about chewing functional disorder due to abnormality of the perception transmission and influence of the stress in developing stage by animal experiment.
4) The establishment of the dentistry cure for children with a disability and disease: we establish a diagnosis method to grasp the condition of a patient more exactly and a cure to individual illness.
5) Analysis for the deciduous dentition anomaly of occlusion: we make a long-term clinical study about a diagnosis for the deciduous dentition anomaly of occlusion, a therapeutic method and the convalescence.